Why Did We Start?

We have been in the poultry business for about 40 years and carrying a great deal of expertise in the field. However, this branch of our project is comparatively small as compared to other ventures. Whenever the owner of our company use to visit any traditional meat shop, he was not satisfied with the hygienic and cleaning conditions of the shop and butchers as well as the  quality of meat and chicken.

Moreover, at chicken shops the birds are slaughtered and thrown in waste bins with all the other waste which makes chicken completely contaminated with blood and fecal material and also results in injuries to the carcass, dislocation of joints and breakage of bones. At the meat shops the slaughtered animals are hanged for long hours without wrapping in carcass cloth which makes it less tasty, unhygienic and not safe for human consumption.

The temperature of meat is not controlled upto acceptable limit which results in growth of certain decomposing bacteria. These bacterias deteriorate the quality of meat.  It is considered a hassle to visit a traditional meat shop, so he decided to launch a Meat shop which fulfil all the hygienic and food safety standards.

Go Fresh meat shops are established to tackle all these unhygienic conditions and improper slaughtering of the chickens in the meat shops. We bring you fresh meat and chicken in compliance with international food safety and Halal standards applied in selection of birds, veal, mutton and fish till preparing the meat, so the people can enjoy the real taste in a healthy way.

The temperature is controlled and maintained within 30 minutes after slaughtering to prevent any bacterial growth. We choose Veal instead of Beef because they are not over grown and are clean from different milk producing hormones. Moreover, we only provide mutton from male goats mostly.