Our Story

First time in Pakistan Go Fresh has introduced live and choice-cut chicken and meat shops with latest scientific innovation in technique and technology where the meat is chilled upto 3-5 degree celsius to maintain it's freshness. Unlike the conventional chicken and meat shops, Go Fresh has a hygienic, clean and foul odour-free environment.

Go Fresh is equipped with the latest cone slaughtering system, where the birds are hung upside down for maximum bleeding, which prevents muscles and joints from any internal injuries. There is not a chance of any blood or fecal contamination.

Go Fresh is in compliance with the Halal and Food Safety Standards. While, ISO-22000 and HACCP Certifications are in progress. Our team ensures that slaughtering of birds and animals is done in complete hygienic conditions and according to Shariah Zabiha.

Our staff is Qualified, Trained, Expert and Friendly. Their core job is to MEET all your CHICKEN and MEAT desires at a customized level. We have qualified and experienced team of veterinarians and food technologists who critically supervise whole meat chain that is from selection of birds and animals to slaughtering and processing.

For People who love more natural food, Go Fresh exclusively sells Chicken unchained, a free range chicken which is grown in natural meadows, 4000 feet above sea level, free from the urban pollution and industrial waste.

Chicken unchained breed is just like home grown backyard chicken, growing at slow pace between 70 – 90 days. These birds are grown with simply natural ingredients that includes Fresh Vegetables (Squashes Species, Cucumbers and Marrows).

To maintain freshness and tenderness of meat and to control bacterial growth, the carcass is stored in chilled temperature of 10 to 12 degree celsius and then 3 to 5 degree celsius within 45 minutes after slaughtering. Food technologists monitor the quality, storage and FIFO operations to ensure safe and healthy meat for our valued customers.